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1 The Passerby                        3:09:33

2 Paradise                                4:46:36

3 Don’t Disturb My Paradise     4:16:14

4 Strange Land                         4:58:65

5 Sweet Dreaming                    4:31:17

6 Racing Through The Sky       4:39:37

7 Shadows And Dust                6:51:51

8 Highway 61                            5:29:24

9 Magic Trip                              4:02:19

10 Waiting For The Sun            4:06:50

11 Let It Go                                5:15:04

12 Go Outside                           5:44:29

13 Under Your Skin                   4:38:00

14 On Top Of The World           3:25:35

Total length                              66:22:21   

In 2014 Bernhard Reinke decided to make vocal music again. After his initial period in pop and rock music and his instrumental period, this new beginning feels like a third musical childhood.

In the more than 30 years that he has been making jazz rock and jazz fusion music with various trios and quartets, 6 CDs have been released. A number of pieces on it are very suitable for adding vocal parts and texts.
In De Heurne, the village in the Achterhoek where Bernhard has lived since 2009, he professionally furnishes his home studio. During the recording process he becomes interested in production techniques. He learns to edit and mix in Protools and to produce some intricacies of music.
In the course of time, 14 compositions with lyrics are created for which Bernhard makes the arrangements and all the instruments respond to the drum part in 'Waiting For the Sun', which is played by Onno Witte.
There will also be new songs such as the title piece "Paradise" written during a trip through Morocco.
As the front shows that was made by artist Anneke de Graaf, this "paradise" has different sides that appear in the lyrics of the pieces. The lyrics play an important role on this album.


Erik sings the lyrics
At the beginning of 2018 Bernhard comes in contact with lead singer Erik Hagelstein. With his with its dark brown, solid rock voice, he is the right addition to Bernhard's voice that can still be heard in additional lead parts. He says about Bernhard's texts: the desire for and description of the ideal world are constant factors. During the recording process, it appears that Erik has mastered Bernhard's music lines and lyrics in such a way that he adds a dimension to the compositions. With his sometimes raw voice, he gives the pieces extra character.

Backing vocals
In addition to the lyrics and their content, the backing vocals are the second important part of this new album. As a great lover of vocal music, Bernhard has spent a lot of time devising and singing the backing vocals. On two pieces, "Waiting for the Sun" and "Let It Go - the choirs are sung by Amanda Kapsch. In the polyphonic choirs, arranging techniques from the jazz are used, making Bernhard's pop and rock songs stand out for their harmonic and melodic variation.

Reinke has regularly made recordings in the studio with the various bands in which he played. With jazz-fusion bands in particular, everything is 'played in one go'. Nothing will be dubbed later. If everything goes well it has the advantage that it sounds very 'spontaneous'. The disadvantage is that you can only use the musicians with their instruments that are available at the time of recording. With a trio, that means 1 guitar, 1 bass guitar and 1 x drums. Nice, crazy, but limited.
With this new project in his 3rd childhood, our composer was able to enjoy himself: 3 percussion guitars, two high pluckers, an acoustic and 2 solo guitars? No problem! 3 choirs of every 3 voices, a lead vocal and a 2nd vote?
Yo, that's 11 singers. Bernhard has a great time!
The disadvantage is that the music as he can be heard on this album can only be performed by a very large band that, given the musical sophistication, will have to rehearse for a long time. The chance that such a band will come is not that great. But luckily there is this album to listen to the music!

In front of you is 'Paradise', the album in which all influences from Bernhard’s varied musical life come together. The music knows extremes and goes from solid rock, light-hearted Latin, dance grooves to fairy-tale sound colors. Dramatic ballads and pop songs alternate.
The pieces sometimes start powerful, sometimes very "sweet" and can build up to a considerable final climax. In the harmonies and melodies, the blues and rock influences are combined with influences from jazz and classical music.
Bernhard Reinke has worked on this album with great dedication and pleasure for more than five years. This little baby can now see daylight!

Erik Hagelstein_Paradise
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