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From rousing and rhythmic pieces to intense and melancholy ballads, 'Love For Life' knows how to find the perfect balance between technical virtuosity and emotional depth'.

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Guitarist and composer Bernhard Reinke is always looking for how to transform emotions and thoughts into music. Over the years, this quest has led him to new influences and styles, allowing him to use more and more musical 'colours'.
As a boy, he sang music by Mozart in the Cathedral Choir, grew up with the Beatles and the Stones and found his first guitar hero in Jimi Hendrix. He listened to Frank Zappa and the British symphonic music of Yes and Softmachine and came to jazz via Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery where he found style-mates like John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Scott Henderson and John Scofield.

Musical background
This path can be found in his musical playing history. For instance, he played jazz-rock in the early 70s and came to rock, blues and pop in 1976, during his time in Groningen. He played with Herman Brood, made the album 'Love Vendetta' with Harry 'Cuby' Muskee and the album 'Phoney Hits' with the group Phoney And The Hardcore. With jazz pianist Martin van Dijk, Bernhard also had a group playing jazz, funk and fusion pieces at the time. From the 1980s, he became bandleader of Transfusion with bassist David de Marez Oyens and drummer Fred van Vloten and later of Rollercoaster with which he played jazz rock and fusion with many esteemed fellow musicians. 'Love For Life' is Bernhard Reinke's ninth album of his own compositions.

On the new album 'Love For Life', you can hear the broad palette of musical styles Bernhard Reinke possesses. Whatever a piece sounds like on first hearing: from swinging blues to solid rock, from spicy funk to melodic, atmospheric ballads; in the melodies, the elaborate harmonies and the improvisations, his jazz attitude is always the basis.
The album is about existence with its beautiful and fine, but also vulnerable and dramatic twists and turns. This is reflected in the titles: 'So Unforgettable', 'Between Two Worlds', 'Groovin', 'Flowers In The Dark', 'When It Comes Down To It', 'Hope And Strenght', 'Love 4 Life'. It is about life, from highs to lows, over the past (corona) years.
For each piece, Bernhard Reinke chooses the stylistic elements needed to tell the musical story. 'Love For Live' has thus become a varied album, both in style and content.
Bernhard gladly invites you to join him on a journey along the diverse atmospheres of 'Love For Life'.

Bernhard Reinke wrote the compositions for this album and arranged the pieces. He played the guitars, bass guitars and keyboard parts. Léon Klaasse played drums, percussion and claps on three tracks. On three other tracks, Peter Doppen played drums. The album was recorded, mixed and produced by Bernhard Reinke at Mr B's Studio in De Heurne, the Netherlands. Analogue mastering was done at Aria, Atlanta, USA.

Short sound clips of the fifteen
pieces from the new album


On the album Léon Klaasse plays drums on tracks 5, 9 and 14. He plays percussion on track 5 and 9 and claps on track 9. He also sings backing vocals on track 5 and 14.
Drummer/percussionist Léon Klaasse (1959) played in bands like Powerplay and Sweet D'Buster. After an adventure in America he scores a few hits with The Pilgrims. As a session musician he played drums and toured with Jan Akkerman, Herman Brood, Eric Burdon, The Brecker Brothers, Freek de Jonge, Eef Albers, Boudewijn De Groot, Carlo De Wijs, Jan Rot, Lois lane, Eric Burdon, Valley of Dolls, Blues Train and J P Den Tex. At this moment he is percussionist for the Analoques and plays with Robert Jan Stips and Golden Earring bassist Rinus Gerritsen in the occasional Supersister Project.


On 'Love For Life' Peter Doppen plays drums on tracks 2, 4 and 13. Drummer Peter Doppen (1980) is a "jobbing drummer", drumteacher and coach. When he was 16 he had his first bluesband. From that point on he started playing in clubs and on festivals, joining different bands and got interested in different styles of music. It turned out he could make a living out of music. So after a while he started to teach drums (having his own studio for private coaching sessions at Pete's Beat Department), do clinics and played in bluesbands, big-bands, R&B bands, pop/rock bands and accompanied artists like Big John Russell, Sebastian Mego, Shane Alexander, Eddie Conard and Nippy Noya.

The liner notes of the cd

Bernhard Reinke - compositions, arrangements, guitars and bass guitars

Léon Klaasse - drums on tracks 5, 9 and 14, claps on track 9, percussion on Tracks 5 and 9 and backing vocals on tracks 5 and 14

Peter Doppen - drums on tracks 2, 4 and 13

Mixed and produced by Bernhard Reinke at Mr B's, De Heurne, The Netherlands

Remastered at Aria Mastering, Atlanta, USA

Executive producer Double M Productions

Album artwork realized by Patrick Staal

Guitar maintenance by Harry Fuller, Gerhard Kemper and Dragan Milosevic

Guitars by Damir Sabolovic, Charlie Gelber OK Guitars, Guitarpoint, Gregor Hilden, TFOA and Erwin van Waardenburg (Guitar Company)

Special thanks for 'listening along' to Jaap Berends,

for 'thinking along' to Meijer ten Zijthoff, Onno Kelk, Ruud van Zuthem, E Hard Lubbers and Henk Bak,

for 'living along' to Gerda Brethouwer

All tracks © 2023 Double M Productions

Contrazzt Records © 2023 CON 23001


Guitars used on this album:

01 Gibson ES-330TD

02 Gibson Les Paul Standard

03 Gibson ES-335TD

04 Gibson Les Paul Standard

05 Epiphone Broadway E252

06 Gretsch G-3156 Streamliner

07 Gibson Les Paul Junior

08 Gibson ES-125TC

09 Fender Stratocaster

10 Fender Heartfield

11 Kemper 002

12 Fender Mustang

13 Gibson ES-325TD

14 Fender Heartfield

15 Gibson ES-125TC


Amps used on this album:

Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 122

Career AF Tube Amp by Felleretta

Fender Champ Silverface 70s 

Kemper Profiler

The compositions on the album

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