New album 'Paradise'

New album 'Paradise'

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February 2020


February 2020





‘Waiting For The Sun’

Title song

Review of 'Paradise'

September 9, 2019

De Muziekexpress - AFM Radio


by Eric van den Berg
for Omroep Gelderland May 9, 2019


Sunday May 12, 2019

It was a wonderful afternoon! Very nice to be able to share

this new 'music child' with you!

Special thanks to Erik Hagelstein for his dedication to this project and his wonderful vocal contributions.

Many thanks also to Menno Pols for the presentation of the afternoon and the interview.

The CD can now be purchased in the webshop on this site.


an adventurous journey

Erik Hagelstein

”It’s good to know where you stand", thus ends the title track of "Paradise", the vocal album with which guitarist and composer Bernhard Reinke (1952, Utrecht. the Netherlands) has embarked on a new musical path.

Third musical youth
Bernhard Reinke, convinced import-Achterhoeker, plays rock music together with Herman Brood, Harry Muskee and Phoney and the Hardcore in the seventies. He then studied jazz at the Hilversum Conservatory with Wim Overgaauw. He uniquely connects this with other styles and records his jazz rock music on six CDs. From 1988 he is a guitar and ensemble teacher at the Arnhem conservatory (Artez). In 2014, Reinke bundles his musical experiences into new vocal music: his third musical youth.


Bernhard Reinke makes lyrics to his earlier instrumental songs and new songs. 'Paradise' is about the search for paradise, and especially about the questions of life. On the album there are fourteen tracks for which Reinke, in addition to the lyrics, makes the arrangements and plays all the instruments.

Lead singer Erik Hagelstein
With his 'dark brown' rock voice, Erik Hagelstein is the perfect lead singer for the album. Reinke himself is responsible for the additional lead vocals and the backing vocals. Together with 'Paradise' they bring a musical journey of life with - just like in 'normal' life - sweet and quiet, but also dark and heavy passages.

Come, join us on this trip, the journey is what it's all about.

Bernhard Reinke

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